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AW-3D Join in Enotepad,all sales would be on Enotepad shop from now on,thanks for your support!
AW-3D Join in Enotepad,all sales would be on Enotepad shop from now on,thanks for your support!
Why We Need 3D Printing?

Why We Need 3D Printing?

On 7th April 2021,a amazing news coming from 3DPRINT.COM

NASA Funds 36 Space 3D Printing Projects—Here Are the 15 Most Exciting

Now AW-3D Print will talk about it what 3D printer and printing growing,and what is it significance for humen being?

In 1986, Charles Hull quit Ultra Violet Products, where he was originally working, and started a company named 3D SYSTEMS.

Its core technology was Stereolithography: the use of ultraviolet radiation to solidify resin into shape.

Charles Hull 3D SYSTEMS.

Two years later, the first 3D printer SLA-250 was produced. After nearly 30 years at development, 3D printing has become very simple.

The principle is similar to the inkjet printers we use every day, but some materials that can undergo curing reactions instead of various inks, such as resins, plastics, and ceramics,metal.

Also it is not based on a WORD files, exactly from CAD or STL format, the model would be stratified(normally it is 0.1mm-0.3mm per layer), and then printer "spray" the materials layer by layer,the 3D model would be made finally when program run to the end on computer.

resin printer

In July 2012, during a low-gravity parabolic flight on Earth, NASA tested the 3D printer.

Astronauts can use 3D printers to print almost anything they need, even metal machine parts.

They don't need to worry about missing materials and equipment during launch once they have 3D printer.

 NASA 3D print

3D- Printing it's more and more important to future.But why?

As the technology surrounding it improves, 3D printers will become increasingly versatile.

They’ll be used for an growing number of tasks, in a manner similar to the last two decades of digital expansion via personal computers.

Imagine aid workers never being without the specific supplies they need, when they carrying portable 3D printers with them into combat zones and disaster areas. Imagine hospitals being able to print organs on demand instead of waiting for a donor.

Imagine you won’t have to worry about selecting the shoe size that’s the closest fit – instead, you’ll be able to scan your feet and design a shoe that fits perfectly.
AW-3D print
It offering typical consumers endless opportunity for product customization. They are capable of producing the type of customization that’s unattainable through mass manufacturing.

The importance of 3D printing extends far beyond the few uses and current implementations described here. A New Industrial Revolution, it will upgrade the human being life and change the earth.

3D printers have virtually limitless potential as the technology driving them improves.

Here summary on some major benefits from 3D printing world :

1.Create Your Ideas

3D printing will engage the most creative and inventive sides of your mind. Studies have found that connecting with a creative hobby can help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress, as well as increase overall feelings of positivity and happiness. Not only is it a fun way to learn, but it’s also therapeutic.

Owning a 3D printer is like having a magic wand that, with just a few hours preparing, you can create any (appropriately sized) items you imagine in ideas.

It's best for you guys that now easily to set up a printer,searching online computer, you can find it any where learning CAD programs then start 3D printing.

A lot of entry-level unit videos it's your teachers on Youtube channels

You’ll quickly find that making useful tools like cell phone cases, key chain, and kitchen tools is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Folks have printed accurate scale models of the brain and heart, incredible artwork like three-dimensional maps of earth, and even exact replicas of iconic landmarks.

2.Educate Your Children

Research shows that students will increase their own ability to retain information while putting their hands on physical items. And it’s not just the process of setting up the printer, and even investigating the various CAD software, those can be educational.

Creating a 3D model can help children grasp abstract concepts, in other words, being able to take part in the manufacturing of the objects will help inspire additional learning and creativity.

Currently,Universities across the world are investing in 3D printers so students can work directly with the technology. If your kids already know of how to use the printer and operate popular CAD programs, they’ll be leagues ahead of the rest of their class by the time they get a chance to participate in higher education.

3.Innovation The Health/Future

3d print health

You find that having a 3D printer at home will encourages you to come up with innovative ideas rather than purchasing from store to solve your problems immediately.

So that is playing a important role on humen being health and future.

We can definitely predict that we majorities will become designers and creators,Obviously this threshold will get lower and lower beacuse of 3D printer.

Today,AW-3D Print are building a whole new world for people,whennever you want to join in,here we'r always supporting.

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