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AW-3D Join in Enotepad,all sales would be on Enotepad shop from now on,thanks for your support!
Solve Issues String On Printer Action

Solve Issues String On Printer Action

Does string trouble you a lot on 3D printing?

Today we are going to the continue on String! Let's move towards...


Printer-level action

Check hot-end and extruder

3D printing is a precision process and we should keep that all the parts of the printer are in perfect condition to achieve good results.

Stringing problems are particularly delicate. To play a clean retraction the extruder and the hot-end need to be in optimal condition.

printer S8

Sometimes, a 3D printer can be working well completely because we are getting correct final with proper setting and filaments. However, when we change to other materials or try with different geometry , problems such as stringing arise. It's common that a printer has a latent problem what only shows under certain circumstances.

So, our recommendation is not to give for granted that our printer hardware is not causing the problem.
Regarding the stringing, the printer's action that we should do double-check are the following:
Hot-ends PTFE tubing - The PTFE tubing inside the hot-end deteriorates over time especially when printing at high temperatures. If stringing always happening, we may need to check how PTFE and replace it in case it's worn or burnt.

Nozzle - Nozzles wore overtime and the rest of the crystalized plastics stick inside. Nowadays nozzles are fairly cheap, so if can't find a solution on string,please try replacing or cleaning the nozzle is worth a try.(About this part just view our another article online)

Cooling fan - There are 2 fans on hot-end, one to cool down it-self, the other one to cool down the extruded plastic.

It is very important to ensure that both fans are working well.

Here we have to check three party:
1- No blades are broken,
2- No dirt is blocking the airflow,
3- The funnel's orientation is correct and aligned.

About humming sound, normally it indicates something issues.We consider fans deteriorate over time and need to be replaced.
Cool fan

Drive gear- This is the gear attached to the extruder motor. It may be dirty and not transmit the motion accurately to the filament. Check also that is firmly attached to the motor's shaft.

Extruder clamp- The mechanism that applies pressure on the filament against the drive gear. These can disadjust and get loose over time.
Here it's video showing you what of extruder calibration 
  • Try different slicer

It sounds like an unconventional way, but if we have tried all the other modifications and still struggle with stringing,then this is worth totally different approach to use another slicing software.

Despite slicing software are supposed to produce good printable gcodes, sometimes there are big differences in the computed printing paths and there are tiny differences of how some machines' performance. So in case of desperation, we would suggest you try another slicing before giving it up.




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